I've always heard the rumors about Tumblr possibly cracking down on adult and erotic content on the site, but in all honesty I never thought it would happen. Then I opened up my blog to post some hot af gifs I made from a match, only to find almost every single one of my posts that included photos was flagged for deletion. I then read all the articles and posts about what was going on. This was really happening. 

Unfortunate is an understatement. There is a respectively large queer wrestling community on Tumblr. Where else could we go to combine our genuine love, interest, and lust for pro/indie wrestling along with the underground feds like Thunders and UCW in the form of fan fiction, gifs, and perfectly timed still shots? No where had a better platform.

There are alternatives. Pillowfort looks like a promising one. It's currently in closed beta, but for $5 you can get a key and become a member. The layout looks great as well. I'm working all weekend so I won't really …

Review: Steve Mason vs Dark Jr. -

Voting is over and Steve vs Dark from comes though with a very narrow win. I was rooting for Cameron vs Rico myself, but I can always review that another time. Click on the Read More button for the full match review!

Knockout Poll #1 Week of 11-16-2018

I'm starting a new weekly poll! Voting will be open for 6-7 days and the results will typically be the topic of a blog that will follow. 

I've been going through some videos I haven't watched in a long time. Here are 3 of my favorites. Which one do you want to see me review? (Poll is below photos)

What match do you want to see me review next?
Lane Hartley vs Logan Vaughn - BG East Hunkbash 15 Steve Mason vs Dark Jr. - Hunkswrestling Cameron Matthews vs Rico Dinero - Can-Am Rookie Beatdown 2 Created with Quizzes

Review: Fight Wars - Marshall vs Turner

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the Season 2 closer. I had 3 matches, but opted for just Bayman vs X and Danny vs Piers. The other match was for filler and I just wasn't feeling it.  Currently working on a refreshed roster for season 3 and will have full fighter profiles posted when I'm finished. Still taking requests for fighters whether they be real or your own idea. Could use a few more! 
I wanted to take a few minutes to give a quick review of a revived fight company, Fight Club/Fight Wars. A few years back I came across this site. It featured short staged fights. Had some hot fighters but not a lot of content. Their last update was back in 2014, but they recently posted a video for a new series on YouTube called Fight Wars.

KSW Season 2 Finale

It's sure to be an exciting event here at KSW. We've got 2 big matches that will round out this season and determine who will be the Jobber King and KSW Submission going into Season 3. Lets check out our first match!

The Beau Afterglow...

It's going to be hard for me to write this without jacking off...but I'll give it a try

Causing a Ruckus

The last episode and PPV for Season 2 of KSW is in the works. I'm going to start to post in between episodes to give my blog a little more variety and maybe attract a wider range of viewers. I think it's fitting to make my first blog outside of the KSW storyline about my favorite porn star who I WISH WISH WISH would jump into the gay wrestling world.