The Commissioners Corner #1 - 1/13/19

Now that my creation, my beautiful brute, X has demolished Bayman and captured the KSW Submission Championship, I can set our plans for total domination in motion.

With my intellect and ingenious creativity combined with X's raw power and unmatched rage, we will destroy anyone who stand in our way. Whether it be in the ring, backstage, or in the locker room showers, whatever my monster wants, my monster gets. The entire roster will bend to our will.

What happened to Bayman is just minor example. KSW vets or new fighters, I hope you hear me loud and clear.If you want to step up, you will be beaten, abused, and submitted well past your breaking point...and will be the property of X until he's completely satisfied.

I'm in a good mood and feeling very generous today, so I, Ian Andrews, your benevolent Commissioner, will let you fans choose who gets to go up against  X next. These 4 ignorant morons have been running their mouth a little too much backstage and need to b…

New Year, Same Old Me


2018 Favs: Part 2

I was thinking about what to post next for my favorites from the past year. While I watched and discovered many new matches and fighters, my mind kept wandering off thinking about what I wanted to see this past year and would like to see more of this coming year. Here are a few in no particular order:



2018 Favs and Top 3's; Part 1

It's been quite an interesting year for me personally to say the least. I went from having a great job, to abruptly resigning, being unemployed all Spring, but then finding an even better line of work which will now likely turn into a career. I'm really shocked how things worked out the way they did...


I've always heard the rumors about Tumblr possibly cracking down on adult and erotic content on the site, but in all honesty I never thought it would happen. Then I opened up my blog to post some hot af gifs I made from a match, only to find almost every single one of my posts that included photos was flagged for deletion. I then read all the articles and posts about what was going on. This was really happening. 

Unfortunate is an understatement. There is a respectively large queer wrestling community on Tumblr. Where else could we go to combine our genuine love, interest, and lust for pro/indie wrestling along with the underground feds like Thunders and UCW in the form of fan fiction, gifs, and perfectly timed still shots? No where had a better platform.

There are alternatives. Pillowfort looks like a promising one. It's currently in closed beta, but for $5 you can get a key and become a member. The layout looks great as well. I'm working all weekend so I won't really …

Review: Steve Mason vs Dark Jr. -

Voting is over and Steve vs Dark from comes though with a very narrow win. I was rooting for Cameron vs Rico myself, but I can always review that another time. Click on the Read More button for the full match review!