Commissioner's Corner: September 18th, 2020

We're back!
It's been a rough summer for everyone due to the pandemic, and there was even a point where I thought I may have to close KSW for good. The health and safety of my wrestlers during this time was and still is my number one priority. Today, I am announcing that we will resume matches in an all new arena, the KSW Grotto! It's a dark, steamy, and secret location that will allow a reduced roster to battle it out in a very erotic environment. It's unfortunate that we won't be able to have any thirsty fans at ringside, but that will return in time. Regardless, I think that you will love the atmosphere of the new location!I mentioned a reduced roster. Due to travel restrictions, several fighters are stuck in their home countries, but a few that are not from the states opted to stick around. Here's the rundown:Resident fighters and those that chose to stay:Anton Bass
BJChris RedfieldCody KingDamian Terror JT HassMike StormNathan DrakePiers NivansJace "P…


By now, you have probably heard that one of underground wrestling's most iconic jobbers and fan favorite, Z-Man, was in a very serious car accident this past weekend. Weekend Wrestling shared this info on their website:"We were deeply saddened to learn that our very own Zman was involved in a fatal head-on auto accident last weekend. The driver of the other vehicle has been reported as having died at the scene.Z is in critical, but stable condition in Intensive Care on a ventilator with multiple broken bones and internal injuries. He has had multiple surgeries and more are scheduled, but he will pull through. We want to wish him all the best for a full recovery, though we understand that it's going to be a long haul. We are there for him and his family in heart, mind and spirit through this difficult time" I was shocked when I read this. I spoke with Pete, the photographer for Weekend earlier this morning and he had this to say about Z-Man:"...he rea…

Have It Your Way

With some underground companies starting to resume filming, custom matches are once again becoming an option for eager fans who want to see their match ideas come to life. Mass 2-3 day customs shoots seem to be gaining popularity with several companies. Personally, I've ordered 2 customs. One from Spotland Scrappers and one from WrestlingMale. The whole process of coming up with your match outline, working it out with the producers/company, finalizing all the details, and ultimately watching the final product is fun and exciting! My experience with both Spotland and WrestlingMale was fantastic.
The pricing of customs depends on the federation, talent, and what you are looking for. I've found can be as low as $300 or higher than a 1k. Here are a few upcoming shoots where custom matches. Here are are a few upcoming scheduled shoots from companies offering custom matches:
Weekend Wrestling: Weekend has become of my favorite feds! They have an upcoming customs shoot September 4th - 6…

Dax Carter vs Joey McCoy - Muscleboy Wrestling

I've never had any particular affinity for big vs little matches, but Joey McCoy has become a favorite of mine at MBW and I know a lot of guys really love size mismatches in a fight. So, I decided to take a look at Dax Carter vs Joey McCoy from the latest Muscleboy catalog.Dax Carter vs Joey McCoy - Muscleboy Wrestling Even Dax has a hard time believing that Joey here is who he is scheduled to wrestle with on Muscleboy's iconic orange mats. This has all the signs of a mismatch squash with poor Joey at the receiving end. Fortunately for him, Dax takes just a little bit too long talking to the camera about his confusion and Joey takes full advantage.
I'm so glad this is happening. It seems like many of the matches I've been watching lately have been one sided battles. While I love a good squash, it was starting to drift into the "too much of a good thing" realm and also becoming a bit boring for me personally. Watching Joey pummel, twist, and bend a man who is 5 …

Heel Attributes pt 1

What makes a great heel? In the underground wrestling world, there are plenty of guys that claim this label...but what qualities must they possess in order to fully encompass the role and become a top heel in the business?DirtyTyson The Hammer Tyson Could have easily fit into most of the categories I've compiled here and it's the reason hes not only my favorite guy at UCW, but also one of my favorite heels. If you've seen any of his matches, you know he has no problem using dirty tactics like low blows, eye pokes, and even mysterious substances. All of his matches are great, but the ones that stick out the most are between he and Zack Reno (there have been 4 or 5 now, with one just recently released where Tyson may have taken the title back from Zack. I haven't checked it out just yet, so no spoilers!) Check out Tyson's matches hereDerrick Cole

It's been a minute since we've seen Derrick at UCW, but he's another of my favorites from the company. I mean, he…

Punk vs Hunk: JBW vs Drew Harper - Weekend Wrestling

Tatted southern punk vs arrogant jock? Shut up and take my money!

JBW vs Drew Harper - Weekend Wrestling

Jock vs punk has always been a favorite scenario of mine, regardless of who comes out on top. Polar opposites on the social spectrum which leads to intense confrontations fueled by testosterone and rage. Woof!

JBW is stretching in the corner as Drew enters the ring. He barely acknowledges Drew which is a big mistake. Drew takes full advantage and starts his attack on JBW as soon as the bell sounds.

Before we go any further, lets just take some time to appreciate this thirst moment from Drew:

Anyways....As I said above, JBW makes the mistake of keeping his guard down, perhaps a sign of overconfidence. Drew takes full advantage! When I saw Drew hop into the ring, I noticed he was wearing the quintessential "jobber white" trunks...maybe JBW noticed this too? Regardless of Jack's reasoning for being so ill concerned pre-match, he's now on the receiving end of a pret…