Don't count KSW out just yet...

Hey everyone! I'm still here and so are all of your favorite jobbers and heels. I've been really busy over the last few months. Moved to another more time consuming but promising career and have had a busy personal life. The good news is that I have been working on the next episode here and there when I do have some time for it, and I should have it up sometime over the weekend, Monday at the latest. I know a lot of you are here from the Wrestling Arsenal blog, so thanks for stopping by and checking it out! I hope you will all enjoy the new episode coming up! I also take character requests. I have plans for 2 more episodes in season 2, and like to add fresh faces each season. So please drop me a comment or email me if you have anyone you'd like to see, real or fictional and I'll see what I can do :)

KSW Season 2 Episode 3 March 25th, 2018

Our King of the Jobbers tournament continues this episode with the last 2 matches of the first round taking place. Piers will take on newcomer twink Kyle Zucconi and Nathan Drake makes his KSW debut against Rig. The losers of these 2 matches will take each other on in the next round of the tournament. After these 2 matches, KSW commissioner Ian Adams will have a special announcement involving the current KSW Champion, Bayman, and the #1 Contender BJ Blazkowicz...

KSW Season 2 Episode 2

After an exciting open to our second season, what will follow after Bayman had his way with Piers while Chris wasn't around? Be sure, he has returned and will be looking for revenge! This episode also begins our tournament for the new Jobber King title.
The loser of each match will move on to the next round. The competetor that loses all three rounds will become our first ever jobber king! This is a title no one on the roster wants.

KSW Season 2 Episode 1

It's going to be an exciting season 2 here at KSW with an expanded roster and even more heated rivalries! KSW Champion Bayman is already making his way down to the ring. Let's hear what he has to say:

KSW Season 1 Finale

The first season of KSW comes to a close with Jobberfest I. Some new faces and old favorites step into the ring for classic heel/jobber domination!  Our first match features 2 of our newer fighters heel Morgan Blackwell against jobber Xander Duke
KSW Jobberfest I - Match 1 Morgan Blackwell vs Xander Duke

KWS Episode 5

Tonight, the championship match everyone has been waiting for! Chris Redfield vs Bayman. Both competitors have agreed to a first to 3 knockouts match. Knockouts will be determined by the referee and can occur in or outside of the ring. The match will start backstage. Anything could happen! We also have the debut of a new superstar, Morgan Blackwell, and hes a beast!
Morgan Blackwell vs Owen Klien Owen challenged any of the newcomers to a table match...he wasn't expecting on of the most powerful wrestlers ever on the KSW roster to come out. Morgan made an impressive debut and demolished Owen before sending him smashing through the announce table.

KWS Episode 4

Episode 4 is finally here! We have 3 great matches tonight, including the no holds barred, win by pinfall only #1 contenders match to see who will face Bayman at the upcoming PPV! It should be a hot night!

As you know, newcomers don't fair too well in their first match here at KSW. Will that be the case for fresh meat Cory Dylan and Ruckus Rad?

Lets find out! Our first match features newcomer Ruckus Rad up against Johnny Raxx. Johnny has yet to be victorious here in KSW.