Review: It's a Knockout & First 2 Three - Spotland Scrappers

Spotland Scrappers is one of the underground companies I rarely see talked or blogged about, yet the matches they produce are on par with other pro style matches from companies like UCW and Wrestler4Hire. They have also recently overhauled their main website and its much easier to navigate than it used to be

I've purchased around 10-15 of their matches over the years and I've loved all of them, so shame on me for not writing up a review much sooner. Today I'm going to open up the vault (aka my "wrestling matches" folder) and take a look back at 2 matches, one a custom I ordered and the other an almost custom match, which I will explain.

Lets start with "First 2 Three."

"First 2 Three" - Young Ady vs Flavi - Spotland Scrappers 

I wanted an evenly fought first to 3 submissions/knockouts match. I picked my 2 favorite brawny brawlers on their roster, Young Ady and Flavi. The fellas did not disappoint me at all! I r…

KSW Season 3 Episode 5 - BJ vs Chris Redfield

After a weekend of voting, KSW fans have selected BJ to face off against Chris Redfield in a 30 Minute Sleeper Hold Iron Man Match! This is the last episode before the season finale event coming up in a few weeks. As some of you may recall, both Chris and Bayman were recently released from Commissioner Ian Andrews private island after being held captive for months. Chris is definitely not 100% yet, so we'll see how he does against one of KSW's biggest and most powerful fighters!
As Chris was making his entrance down to the ring, BJ jumped from behind the barricade and suck up behind Chris, locking him in a Cobra Clutch! 

BJ drops Chris to the floor before he's totally out and tosses him back into the ring. He then traps Chris's head between his forearm and massive bicep and starts to squeeze!

The pressure and pain quickly overcome an already weary Chris. He's quickly going limp. This isn't technically a sleeper hold, so BJ turns its into another cobra clutch just…

Contingency Plan: UCW #679 - Zack Reno vs Tyson The Champion

This is the first time I've checked out Zack Reno, and what better way to see him than up against one of my favs, Tyson (The Champion!) and the title is on the line!

UCW #679 - Zack Reno vs Tyson

Zack is warming up when Tyson walks in and down to the ring. He is all business and looks ready to kick some ass. Not one to back down from any challenge, Tyson agrees to "give the little guy a try" and awards Zack a title shot

Both of these studs have amazing builds and their bulges are soaking up all of my pre-match attention. WOOF!

Tyson obviously has the experience, but I can tell Zack's confidence doesn't come from arrogance. (*editors note* I now realize he's also wrestled on W4H, I just didn't recognize him at first.) He will be giving Tyson a very tough title defense, in the least. The match starts off quick with a cheap shot, and both guys going for quick submissions. Tyson comes out on top early and treats us with some really hot body abuse to Zack as well…