Danny Mercury vs Nick Karras - Weekend Wrestling

  I was pleasantly surprised to see Nick Karras appear in Weekend Wrestling's latest release. I reviewed his underground wrestling debut match with 88Wrestling a few months ago. The match was decent, but I had been looking forward to seeing Nick up against a more experienced opponent. Danny Mercury is a great choice! He's another recently fresh face to the underground scene and brings his indie wrestling experience to the WW ring. Danny Mercury vs Nick Karras - Weekend Wrestling Nick is getting a pre-match warm up in, when Danny appears at ringside and taunts him for being a "amateur" wrestler. Nick fires back, calling pro wrestling "fake shit." The stage is set for a collegiate vs indie pro showdown! Danny enters the ring and it's not long before Nick is stripped down to his "real wrestling attire." I am eternally grateful to Danny for this. Nick is an absolute stud with a pair of thighs just about anyone would love to get lost and/or buried i

KSW: Days Of Rage - Episode 1

  The new KSW series Days Of Rage kicks off with a special match ordered by Commissioner Sullivan Vice specifically for long time fans who love to see KSW veteran Chris Redfield in action. Chris has agreed to participate in a gauntlet match against newcomer Matt Steele, fellow seasoned wrestler Mike Storm, and finally on to the Commissioner himself! I went with a bit of a different format this time. I cropped out the guys from the image captures and placed them on more basic backgrounds, with some of the comic style captions I used to do when I first started KSW. I'd like to do custom backgrounds sometime soon, I just have to get familiar with rendering software. I'd love to know what you think and any comments/suggestions you might have, and also if you preferred them in the original slightly edited backgrounds that I used to do. Gauntlet match #1: Chris Redfield vs Matt Steele The bell sounds and Chris and Matt lock up in the middle of the ring. Both Mike Storm and Commission

Keeping Up

Soooooo it's been quite a while since I've sat down to blog. Personal stuff, work, and probably a nice helping of seasonal depression are to blame (thankfully it's going to be near 80 all this week.) I just haven't had the time or concentration recently. I know I've never exactly posted on a regular basis, but almost two months has gone by and I wanted to at least share some kind of update on here. Hot Releases: While I haven't shared any reviews, I've still checked out plenty of really awesome matches over the last 2 months Roger Atlas vs Diego Maya - Weekend Wrestling Zach Ramos vs Jack Dillon - Muscleboy Wrestling It's so cool to see studs from the indie wrestling scene making their debuts or returns! I think we could all come up with at least a short list of indie guys we'd love to see shoot with some of the underground companies. Yeah, we love hot guys in gear, but we want also want solid wrestling too right? Nothing turns me off more than moves