Etienne - The master of erotic submission

I will be totally honest. I was really REALLY skeptical of Wrestlingmale when it first opened. I was only remotely familiar with Etienne and found their prices (typically $30-$35) a little steep. My reluctance was quickly put to sleep after my first purchase. The WM roster now boasts a roster of 30+ fighters of various skill levels and backgrounds. They also offer match types that will cater to just about any of your wrestling kinks. 

I'm 31 and have been a gay wrestling fan since I came across Can-Am when I was still in high school. Without question, Wrestlingmale, and in particular those matches that feature Etienne, are some of the most erotic matches I own (and my library is respectable.)

From the gear, lighting, dialogue, camera work, slow-motion segments, the grunting, and the primal energy exhibited by all the fighters, the matches they produce have become a literal form of art. 

I typically budget enough to purchase 2-3 matches each month from various companies, but it was a …

Don't worry I'm still here XD

I just realized it's been almost a whole month since I've posted anything, so this post won't have any particular theme, but I will include some juicy gifs, short reviews, and general updates.
I had promised a KSW update "in the coming days" in my last blog. Whoops! I should probably stop putting a time frame on new episodes. They are definitely time consuming and I'm a busy busy boy between work, social life, and grinding away at The Division 2 (hit me up on Twitter if you play on PC @IndieMike87)
If you have been keeping up with my blog and KSW even for just a short time, you should already be aware I am the king of procrastination. Well, lets talk about KSW first. Here's a few preview shots from Episode 4. Bayman and Chris are back in action after being held captive by X and Commissioner Andrews for months. They are barely recognizable! 

Will they put away X and the Commissioner and gain their freedom?

Or will they fail and return under the control of Comm…

I give I give!

I always have been very fortunate to have a large group of friends. We're getting older now. Some have gotten married, had kids, etc...but we've all managed to see each other as often as possible. There are 2 holidays that bring us all together in the same place at one time, and those are Halloween and St Patrick's Day.

While I'm happy to report I was one of the last 3 of 15 or so in our bar crawl group, I was reminded this morning that I am 31 and not 21 😂 I felt something like this when I woke up:

I give up! I give!
 Thankfully, I have today and tomorrow off. I have some great ideas for the next KSW episode, so look for the next Commissioners Corner post to be up sometime soon. I can say that Bayman and Chris have been held captive by X and Commissioner Andrews for a while now, and they will be given a chance to fight for their freedom very soon!

I've also started to upload some of my UIW/FightGarage collection to my YouTube channel. I only have 3 matches up right n…

KSW Season 3 Episode 3 - Mike Storm vs Piers Nivans

Tonight, we get our first look at KSW newcomer "The Stormbringer" Mike Storm in action! Commissioner Ian Andrews has set up a special "Strip and Submit" match with the Jobber King title on the line! for the fans tonight and it's sure to be a hot one! Each fighter will lose an article of clothing each time they submit or are knocked out. First one down to their trunks or underwear with a final submission/KO after is the loser. Piers is still holding on to the Jobber King title and since we haven't seen Mike in action yet, this could be his first shot a getting rid of the title.

Mike confidently walks down to the ring as we get our first look at this new fighter. He's looking hot as hell with crimson dyed hair, tattoos, strangely sexy orange contact he some kind of supervillian? If he is, he can work me over anytime!
He's already got his shirt off...
"Look kid...I know you've been getting your ass beat by just about everyone here. I…

Review: Matt vs Axel - UCW

I had both a different match review and a new commissioners corner for KSW I was going to post between work both tonight and tomorrow, but then I came across UCW's latest match, with Axel taking on newcomer Matt...

STOP EVERYING...It's a first to 3 submissions match and my thirst is real for this one. My cock started to grow before I even clicked play on the preview video.

Match 649: Matt vs Axel
This seems like it will be more grappling and submission wrestling instead of UCW's usual pro style, and the match starts off with the two singlet clad studs shaking hands in the middle of the mat

Within the first few minutes, I can already say if you are a fan of guys bulging out of their singlets or gear, this is a match for you. These two are putting theirs on display in full force for us.

This is no walk in the park for Axel and I'm already impressed with Matt! Without question, he definitely brings skill and experience to the ring.

"Just give in and go out use fi…