New Jock On The Block: Scrappy vs Kenny Star - Muscleboy Wrestling

😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Oh Kenny...
Scrappy vs Kenny Star - Muscleboy Wrestling
Most of you already know that Kenny, along with his adorable smile that just melts me inside, is one of my favorite underground wrestlers. This is my first time seeing a Scrappy match though (don't judge me!) and I'm anxious to see what he's all about. So needless to say I'm pretty excited for this one!
We start off with a confident and cocky Kenny (my favorite Kenny) hyping himself up for the audience, flexing and showing off while proclaiming there a reason he's a "Star."  

"Are those inflatable"
Scrappy looks like the last person who's muscles you'd want to make a mockery of. I can't imagine this ending well for Kenny. His teasing and insults turn to grunts and groans of pain as Scrappy quickly begins to put Kenny in his place. Arrogance usually isn't the best choice when your the new jock on the block. Soon enough Kenny is down on the mats and Scrappy is the one…

Post-Shutdown Fantasies

Thankfully, a lot of our favorite homoerotic wrestling companies shoot multiple matches in one session, so we aren't short on getting to see new bouts during the shutdown. It seems the time will come relatively soon when all can resume filming. With a shortened work schedule and being stuck inside, I've had plenty of time to daydream up some hot matches I'd love to see in our post-shutdown world. Here's a few of them.

Joey Nux vs Drew Harper

Match Type: Jobber vs Heel - Total defeat Joey has quickly become my favorite heel at Wrestler4Hire and who better than him to dish out a hot and methodical beat down of frat boy hunk Drew Harper. It wouldn't be easy for Joey either, which makes it all the more entertaining for the fans. Joey would have to knockout out Drew in torture racks, sleeper/chokes, camels, full nelsons...along with plenty of abuse to those abs and package. Something for everyone! A defiant Drew would keep coming back for more until a final and ultimate sw…

Jokes and Chokes: KARN vs Joey Nux - Wrestler4Hire

This is a match I've been wanting to review for quite some time. Shortly after I had mentioned this in my previous post, it appeared in the member videos area on Wrestler4Hire. I had already been debating signing up as there were a few matches posted there that I had my eye on. The $29.95 monthly fee is a steal considering you can stream 50+ matches, with new fights added every few days. I'd highly suggest checking out the membership option on W4H if you haven't already.

KARN vs Joey Nux - W4H

My first exposure to Karn was his match with Ace Owens back in Wrestler4Hire's earlier days. That one was titled "Super Villian" where Karn plays a hot heel and dominates Ace:

I know...right?! What a hot scene. This is one I may revisit and review. It's on my laptop so I'd just have to transfer it over to my desktop to grab some gifs.
Fast forward to May 19th 2020 and I'm only just now getting around to checking out another one of his matches. Why I have denie…

What Makes Mikey Submit: Vol. 1

I started "What Makes Mikey Submit" last summer. I had hoped to make it a bi-weekly post about my favorite things in underground and sometimes even indie wrestling. Well, I found it tricky to do themed posts, mostly because I had so many ideas and it was always hard to either focus on just one topic or have enough to dedicate to the length of the post that I desired. So, I'm bringing it back but instead of focusing on just one topic, I'm going use it as a headline when I'm bored and want to post some things on my mind.

Last Month I posted a poll for which W4H jobber you guys preferred, Noah Yuckenberg or Dawson Delight. Dawson won overwhelmingly, 76% to 24%. I was glad to see this, as I was also team Dawson. Both have had matches against one of my favorite heels, Nick Justice, come out on the site relatively recently. Thanks to your votes I selected Dawson vs Nick!

No surprise that this is a total (very hot) squash match. I considered giving this match it's ow…

Tickle Torture: UCW #712 - Kenny Star vs Axel

I fucking love Kenny Star.

He's so goddamed adorable.
Put him up against Axel and this is a battle of the bulge(s) rematch made in heaven! The pairing of these two is enough alone for me to buy this match, but tickling is one kink that just doesn't do anything for me. This is advertised as a tickle match and I know a lot of people just love it, so I will do my best to highlight those parts :)
UCW #712: Kenny Star vs Axel - Tickle Match
Kenny flaunts that he won the last match between the two, which Joe over at Ringside wrote a great review of, and now he wants to settle who is the better wrestler. Regardless of who wins, I don't think that is a question that will be answered at the end of this match or anytime soon for that matter. I'm totally ok with that.

Now, this isn't exclusively a tickle match, but there is plenty of it. After watching this match, I'm not going to lie. It is REALLY hot watching someone lose control because of it. I can definitely see how it ca…

Reno Razed: Brendan Byers & Cole Cassidy vs Zach Reno - Weekend Wrestling

I've mused more than once about what a favorite of mine Zach(k) Reno has become. I also picked him as my #1 fighter in my 2019 review post. A true underground talent without question. Heel, jobber, or a solid back and forth, he can do it all and do it well. He also can pull off both a hairy or smooth body(and so can Brendan!) Needless to say I was immediately sold when I had a post come across my Twitter feed that he was going to be double teamed by Brendan Byers and Cole Cassidy in Weekend Wrestling's next release.

Brendan Byers & Cole Cassidy vs Zach Reno - Weekend Wrestling

Cole brings in Brendan who, in handcuffs, seems totally under Cole's control. The two enter the ring where Zach is already waiting. Cole brandishes a taser. "You know what happens, right?" he says, as he turns the taser on briefly, which seems to activate Brendan and causes Zach a bit of a fright as he backs up into his corner. This taser form of control is used a few times and it's a…