Moving Out

Cringe all you want. I had fun making this header 😆
This will be my last post for a few weeks. I'm getting ready to move out of this shitty apartment I'm in now to a very nice house just a few minutes away. My PC will be packed up Monday and my internet will be shut off here early next week. It probably won't be installed at the new place until towards the end of the month.

I can't begin to express how excited I am. It's definitely been a stressful month so far and I can't want to get everything in to the new place. I'm so used to having a small 1 bedroom apartment and I'm going to a 3 bedroom house and a yard and basement lol. I'll have a great space to host matches down there too!

Yes, I'll be getting mats lol
That's really just about all I wanted to say. I'll be sure to post an update as soon as I'm back up and running. Here's some gifs to hold you over: 
Jobe's Jobbers - Can-Am

Punching Bryan 3 - Spotland Scrappers 

Axel vs Ken…

Tough Enough? Matt Miller vs Tanner Hill - 88Wrestling

88 always has great match header graphics! Saves me some time.
I was excited to see another match from Matt Miller was on deck at 88Wrestling. His body is what got my attention the most before I saw his debut match against Ethan last year. 88 bills him as "The School Jock." I'd use the phrase "The Football Frat" (but that's just because it fits a fantasy of my own😆) He fits both descriptions to a T.
This is how my after practice fantasy begins 😆😆😆
OK OK lets get back on course here before I get too distracted...
Matt Miller vs Tanner Hill - 88 Wrestling
According to 88Wrestling, this match was actually the predecessor to an already released tag team match that placed both Matt and Tanner up against Ethan (Axel) and Jake Mason. I haven't seen this match as of yet. It does make me just a little concerned. I was a bit underwhelmed with Matt's debut match against Ethan, as far as his in-ring skills go. I wasn't too critical though, with it being his …

Sweaty Sleeper Squash: Topher DiMaggio vs Joey Nux: Wrestler4Hire

Topher DiMaggio vs. Joey Nux - Wrestler4Hire

Topher DiMaggio has got one of those bodies that instantly gets my dick hard as a rock. Get him in the ring with brutal and chiseled W4H vet Joey Nux and I'll be throwing my money at you. 
From the description on W4H, I can tell this is going to be a sweat soaked erotic beat-down. I will say, the one sided squash jobs don't always work for me. You really have to have the correct heel/jobber combo to get my attention, and these 2 fit the bill.

We are treated to a short segment of Topher stretching before the match. His body and bulge are just begging for abuse, and Joey storms into the ring to make sure that happens.

Joey looks AMAZING in his jeans. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about guys fighting in jeans. I wouldn't necessarily call it a fetish I have, but I do find it extremely hot! He locks Topher in a cradle type submission hold that I've seen a handful of times. I'm not sure what it's…

Rear Naked Review 2019

As we come to the end of the year I decided to follow along with other bloggers and round up my favorites from 2019. This will be pretty to the point and I will only get descriptive with a handful of categories that require me to. I call them favorites instead of "best" because there are so many matches that came out this year that I didn't purchase that I'm sure could have easily made this list. Lets get to it:

Top 5 Fighters Zack Reno - Gabe Steel - Young Ady - Tyson The Hammer - Dash Decker

Favorite Company UCW

Favorite Match Tyson The Hammer vs Zack Reno - UCW
(their first match)

Favorite Squash Gabe Steel vs Marcus Ryan - Muscleboy Wrestling

Favorite Heels Derrick Cole & Etienne

Favorite Jobber Jacob Van Acker

Favorite Debut DJ Beckham Jr 
Favorite Discovery Fight Wars

Dirty Deeds: Zack Reno vs Tyson The Champion - UCW

UCW 693: Zack Reno Vs. Tyson The Champion

The rematch I've been waiting for has finally arrived! Zack gets one more shot at the UCW title after being defeated by the champ when Tyson had to resort to some dirty tactics to put Reno away the first time. (You can check out my review of that match by clicking here)

One thing I wish we would see more of in underground wrestling are promos. We get one from Zack where Bodyslam grants him a title shot rematch. Zack is no longer a new guy at UCW and is ready for whatever tricks Tyson might have in store for him.  "...anything goes! You get me in that ring, no holds barred!"

Before the match starts, both men are confident of a victory. Zack declaring he will walk out with the belt and Tyson, who seems completely unconcerned, obviously tells us he's keeping his title.

Tyson's brash confidence along with his unorthodox and at times dirty wrestling style really epitomizes the no ref no set of rules style of UCW, and it makes him …

Punk Punishment: Wes Richards vs Ethan Andrews - RHW

So, I did some thinking. I was so satisfied with the Cody vs Dash match from 88Wrestling (I'm definitely a big fan of the company now) I decided I should revisit 88's predecessor, Rock Hard Wrestling. Looks like I'm totally unfamiliar with their final 2 catalogs. One match caught my eye right away. A well known underground vet tormenting a hot tattooed rookie? Yes please.

And is an understatement for Wes 😍

I want to note this is going to be a very basic review. Not because I didn't like it. I loved it. I fucking loved every sweat soaked dick twitching minute. I'm just totally dead from a long day at work and I have one more to go in the morning. I want to get my thoughts out and blogged down while they are as fresh as possible.

Wes Richards vs Ethan Andrews - RHW

Luckly for us, Wes loves to try to bridge out of holds
Not even 3 full minutes in, and the sweat begins to shine 
Nothing but confidence from Ethan
Again, I say to myself "look at what you've…