It's a Knockout & First 2 Three - Spotland Scrappers

Spotland Scrappers is one of the underground companies I rarely see talked or blogged about, yet the matches they produce are on par with other pro style matches from companies like UCW and Wrestler4Hire. They have also recently overhauled their main website and its much easier to navigate than it used to be

I've purchased around 10-15 of their matches over the years and I've loved all of them, so shame on me for not writing up a review much sooner. Today I'm going to open up the vault (aka my "wrestling matches" folder) and take a look back at 2 matches, one a custom I ordered and the other an almost custom match, which I will explain.

Lets start with "First 2 Three."

"First 2 Three" - Young Ady vs Flavi - Spotland Scrappers 

I wanted an evenly fought first to 3 submissions/knockouts match. I picked my 2 favorite brawny brawlers on their roster, Young Ady and Flavi. The fellas did not disappoint me at all! I requested a few specific holds but left most of it open to let the guys get creative...and they sure did! Seeing the strength and athleticism from these beefcakes was another great highlight of the match. There were also plenty of great reversals and other surprises!

If you love watching the beefy guys go at it in a hot submission contest, this one is for you!


I was so happy with First 2 Three I decided to order another custom a few months later. This one I was a bit more specific with, and the match could only be won by using a submission hold of some type to knock your opponent out for the count of 10. There were a few roadblocks, so in the end I didn't get my specific custom, but they did end up shooting a similar match that I just loved!

"It's a Knockout" - Young Ady vs Max Morrison - Spotland Scrappers

Every minute of this half hour fight to KO is full of promission grappling goodness. Both men look great in their pro gear and Young Ady puts poor Max though the encyclopedia of submission holds, and its a hot watch from start to end! Max is resilient and definitely won't stay down for the count easily. Ady may have to resort to some dirty tricks to put Max away for good! The combo of of these 2 was near perfect. Ady is a great brute and Max sells his suffering extremely well.  This is easily in my top 3 from Spotland!

You wont be disappointed by either of these matches and there won't be any skipping forward to get to the "good parts" because the entirety of both of these battles is worth your time and well worth the very affordable price of $8 a piece. The guys at Spotland continue to put out impressive and entertaining matches and they have a great future ahead. There's no reason for them to not be a common name already.


  1. You convinced me to get First 2 Three and it's a great video! I wasn't sure if It's a Knockout would be up my alley, but looking at the gifs, it's very tempting, haha.

    1. Awesome I'm glad to hear! I have a few other custom ideas I want to throw their way but its going to be a while before I do.

  2. Nice. had forgotten about spotland scrappers. great matches. will defnetly get them.
    havent been to their site since i got double trouble wich was great also. great review

    1. Yes they are definitely overlooked! I have a good collection of their matches. I will be reviewing more in the future! May likely get another custom at some point as well

  3. Thanks for featuring Spotland Scrappers as I haven’t checked them out in awhile, either. I was a fan of Sammy Smiler (I think he retired?) and these matches all look great!


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