ScrapEx 1 & 7 - Spotland Scrappers

It's been forever since I've last featured anything from Spotland. Their roster looks a lot different these days with quite a number of new faces they've added since the last time I've highlighted them here on my blog. My two all time favorites from Spotland are Sammy Scrapper and Young Ady. I'm fairly certain Ady has been retired from action for a while. Sammy I'm not too sure about, but the last match released with him wasn't that long ago.

Over the last year I've purchased just over a half a dozen of their battles and have found a couple new guys on their roster to add to my list of favorites. Spotland's ScrapEx series matches always catch my attention. These matches are typically customs that feature more "edgy" ring and mat match scenarios. I own 4 of the 6 matches in the series and I'm going to highlight the first and most recent:


I first came across ScrapEx 1 on WatchFighters before it was moved over to the Spotland's main downloads store. It features Sammy Scrapper and Franky Nadara, two of the companies best grapplers! This was a great match packed full of claw holds and back and forth limb twisting submission holds. Neither man seems to get the upper hand over the other until one manages to lock in a tight cobra-clutch style sleeper hold, leaving his opponent out on the mat! This was my favorite of the 4 that I own.

ScrapEx 1: Sammy Scrapper vs Franky Nadara - Spotland Scrappers

Price: $9.50
Runt Time: 24 Minutes

This is the first time I'm seeing Sam in action, but he's been with Spotland for quite a while already. In ScrapEx 7 (the most recent in the series,) he takes on Franky in a mostly one sided contest with a similar theme to ScrapEx 1. This is another that mat battle that claw hold fans will love and is also full of some well executed holds and dirty tactics. Franky plays a masked bandido who has a great time bending, breaking, and clawing away at his opponent. A unique and painful submission hold finalizes the victory for one of the two in this match. 

ScrapEx7: Franky Nadara vs Sam Jucator - Spotland Scrappers

Price - $9.50
Run Time - 26 Minutes

You can't beat the cost of these matches either. Just under $10 and you get awesome tight shots by the camera, good quality video, and some really great action!

All the other ScrapEx battles I own are just as great as these 2 I've highlighted. The other matches feature scissor holds, splits and spladles, and another centered around claw holds. I'm excited to see what other matches the fellas at Spotland have to offer in this series! You can check out all the ScrapEx releases on the Spotland web store here: ScrapEx Series - Spotland Scrappers

I'm highlighting the particular series in this post, but I will eventually get around to sharing my thoughts about other matches from Spotland outside of ScrapEx that I've enjoyed as well.


  1. Love the ScrapEx series of matches! Personally ScrapEx 2 is my favorite, but the two you've highlighted are excellent too.

    1. 2 was great! It was a tough call which ones to include


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